Dolmen System

Dolmen is a collection of modernist designs in the best sense of the word, with contours that are sculptural and reduced to geometrical shapes. Its harmonious lines can easily fit each space or taste. The elements of this system that are readily connectable in all directions, enable the creation of an infinite number of spatial compositions, equally functional in either private or public spaces. Rotation of the elements can also result in private zones that facilitate users’ interaction. The modularity of the collection is perfectly combined with comfort, making Dolmen the epitome of highly functional furniture. The collection is designed as a harmonious and measured interplay of straight and rounded lines, where every piece brings comfort, even visually. With its optional armrests made of solid oak or walnut, Dolmen introduces warmth into your home but is also excellent in large offices, hotel lobbies, airport lounge areas, and other public spaces.


Zoran Jedrejcic

Volumen, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Year of production

Aleksej Vasic

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