The bright new lamp first named by us \’oneline\’ draws light in the form of a fine line. Following the principle of total reduction it provides shadow-free illumination. The rod-shaped LED lamps are inserted into sockets and suspended by cords to be used as a pendant or wall lamp at any height or inclination. Arranged individually, they illuminate rooms and workplaces in a simple and elegant way. A combination of several lamps also enables the creation of unusual light sculptures for living and business areas. A special technical feature is that the lamp can be plugged in directly without a ballast. This means that only a simple cable is seen and the two ends have a symmetrical design. Also, since the lamps can be purchased separately, the packing size of each lamp is very small. The design was developed jointly by MARCH GUT and architect Philipp Weinberger. It functions as a translation of the classic neon tube into an LED lamp with high recognition value and countless possible uses.


MARCH GUT + Architect Philipp Weidinger, Austria

Wever & Ducré, Austria

Year of production

Wever & Ducré

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