CVG House, Cluj-Napoca

The project unfolds the remodeling of a 90s house according to the needs of a family living their lives between the diaspora and the country. One of the main drivers of the project was to create a backdrop for the social life of the family and its dynamics in their new home. The core of ​​the house thus resides at the intersection between the living room and the kitchen. The furnishing strategy of the two spaces allows for, if necessary, their merger, making the boundary between them almost imperceptible.
The interiors of the house are set apart by the simple yet elegant custom-made furniture, dominated by sober colors and textures: white (furniture, metal works, ceramic tiles), gray (exposed concrete elements, floors and furniture) and dark brown (upholstery, wooden and veneered furniture), perked up by the presence of colored furniture and decoration objects (the hanger, coffee / tea tables, upholstery, appliances, furniture accessories, climbing sockets or nightstands).

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The core of ​​the house that resides at the intersection between the living room and the kitchen and the openness of this space to the exterior, both to the front entrance and back patio and garden.


ateliercetrei; Paul-Mihai Moldovan, Anamaria Moldovan, Gloria Gagu, Adrian-Ovidiu Bucin, Adrian-Ioan Urda, Eszter Szoke

Gabriela & Vince Cordoș

Year of completion

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Total area
240 m2

Ovidiu Micșa

Project Partners

Furnimobile, Betonia Romania, Smart Loft, K-Glass, Flomar, Napoca steel, BoConcept, Intro Design Romania, Hatria, Hansgrohe, Marazzi, Lumen Center Italia, DM Lights, Eglo Lightning, Ideal Lux, Boretti, Franke Group, SP House World, Floors 4 You, Rocas Decor, Philips

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