Csík Ferenc Swimming Pool, Sopron

When designing the new swimming pool, built in place of the demolished old one, the most important goal of the architect was to fit it to the beautiful environment of the Lövérek hills and to leave most of the site free as a green space. This has been facilitated by the block-like layout of the building; the pools, the grandstands and the changing rooms have been grouped under the great, horizontal plane of the roof in such a way, that the surrounding subalpine landscape can freely interact with the interior area. The mass of the building constitutes visually only of the overhanging roof, which provides shading as well; the glazed facade underneath gives lightness and transparentness to the great block of the building. Due to the existing, sloping terrain, the green area around the new building is connected to the green areas of the existing open air pools by terraced lawn. The new swimming centre, which can be operated in an integrated and economical way, provides training and competition venue for every discipline of aquatics sport and it has become a sophisticated recreational and sports establishment for the residents of the city.


Közti Zrt; Csaba Tompos, Ágnes Pernesz, Dániel Menczelesz

Municipality of Sopron

Year of completion

Sopron, Hungary

Total area
11.600 m2

Site area
30.539 m2

Tamás Bujnovszky

Project Partners

Structure engineer: Imre Gurubi, Géza Oborzil; Landscape architect: Gabriella Havassy

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