Crafted Collection, Linz

Crafted Collection – the name of the collection of seating furniture that was developed in collaboration between the upholstery furniture producers JOKA and the solid wood carpentry workshop TREWIT, based on the design by MARCH GUT. In the design process we integrated the company history of TREWIT, as former wooden coachbuilder, and the long experience of JOKA with upholstery furniture. In the first time of the vehicle body building process, solid wood was used as a basis. The combination of the material properties of wood od being stiff as well as being highly flexible, became a challenging fascination for us. It brought us to the unique framework construction in the form of a cantilever chair. In combination with a seating shell, in which upholstery elements come together, this design combines physics and aesthetics. The result is a product series that consists of a fauteuil, a stool, and a sofa with the highest aspirations for quality and longevity.


Design studio March Gut

JOKA Kapsamer GmbH

Year of production

Linz, Austria

Thom Taurer + Joka

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