Core Agora, Crete

The site of the project is at the heart of a 10 acre sloped park landscaped to accommodate various recreational and leisure activities and function as the focal point of a wider hospitality development in Elounda, Crete. The project consists of individual but similar pavilions that provide space for boutiques, souvenir workshops, galleries for local artists and artisans as well as cafes and toilets. Positioned on a prominent spot the small structures blend with the harsh, Cretan topography while forming a distinctive place for encounters and happenings between tourists and locals alike. The project is meant to become a meeting point and encourage interaction between passersby while at the same time enliven the area by hosting performances and cultural events. Rotating collections of site-specific art will occupy the space around and inside of some of the pavilions with a particular focus on promoting the work of local designers.
The volumes sit on a grid-like arrangement with new vegetation planted in-between them. Blending the indoor and outdoor experience of each space is achieved by creating somewhat transparent volumes with multiple entrances at each one. The otherwise metal-framed pavilions are anchored on concrete pedestals and are clad entirely with tinted wooden elements. The characteristic skin of the pavilions is made of plywood lamellas in a woven pattern that reflects traditional basket weaving techniques. This wooden façade functions as the binding element of the whole complex but also as a vertical sun shading device for every structure. The uniformity of the skin is interrupted by large windows that frame the products on display as well as the activities taking place inside. At night the aesthetics of the volumes transform entirely as they light up like lanterns that illuminate the surrounding pathways in the park.


Not a Number Architects

Project Team
Ermis Adamantidis, Dominiki Dadatsi, Pavlos Symianakis

Landscape design
fytron landscapes

Graphic Design
Semiotik Design Agency

Domes of Elounda

Athina Souli

Year of completion

Elounda, Crete, Greece

Total area
2000 m2

Project Partners

Marazzi, Pedrali, Kartell

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