Copper Bar by Zavoral architect; Czech Republic

Copper bar is located in the historical house with an arcade on Smetana Square in the town centre of Litomysl. We intended to create a new strong interior character, which would suit the historical centre and would replace a previously fading bar. Clients asked for an intimate bar to enjoy a conversation over a glass of spirit.

Design had to respect low budget and enable the clients to do a lot of the work by themselves and their craftsmen friends. Traditional materials, such as lime stucco, wood and copper, respect historical features. Walls are covered with rough lime stucco and painted in a dark shade. Opposite to the wall’s roughness is fine copper cladding. This noble metal brightens and energizes the interior and creates its new character.

Original chairs, new tables made from steel I beams and other furniture in different colours and materials were all painted with steel black. The bathroom is located in the back part. Because of a gothic layout, the house is narrow and extremely long. To avoid devastating adjacent rooms, black walls were sprayed. The bar was visually connected with the arcade external space and square through the big shop window.

About the authors

Zavoral Architekt
Tomáš Zavoral studied at FUA TUL, graduated 2015. Own practice run from 2006.
ZA works on interiors, family houses and bigger developments. ZA took part in several architectural competitions. Work is based on cooperating with other professionals.

Text provided by the authors of the project.


Zavoral architekt

Jan Hubinka, Jakub Havran

Year of completion

Litomysl, Czech Republic

Total area
68 m2

BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept, Jakub Janousek

Project Partners

OK Atelier s.r.o., MALANG s.r.o.

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