An interdisciplinary project ConTEXt balances on the verge between art and design inspired by aesthetic tendencies influenced by new media and technology. The author focuses on a parametric representation of reality through the optics of machines. Machines are rendering the space according to predetermined parameters and thus create visually interesting images free from individual aesthetic preferences. A very similar principle has been used by the author in creating a collection of woven textiles. Together with a computer programmer Matej Fandl, Zuzana developed an application that uses the Kinect sensor to scan the outer space and render it as a weave structure.
Imagery rendered by the application is further digitally manipulated and serves as a foundation for textiles woven using jacquard looms. The user-friendly application thus allows anyone to become a textile designer and apply subjective aesthetic criteria. Hence, the final image is a result of a collaboration between the user, the application, and a machine – the Kinect sensor.


Mgr. art Zuzana Zmatekova, Slovakia

Weberie, Textile Centre Haslach, Austria

Year of production

Kvet Nguyen, Katarína Lazarová

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