Is it an armchair? A pouf? A sculpture? A metaphor? Out of reach and yet so real, it is a satellite but also a center of attraction and an abstract form. Emanuele Magini lives up to his aesthetic style capable of overcoming all conventions, playing on the fine line between causing astonishment and being functional, straddling scenography fascinations and practical furnishings. A smooth and compact item made of polyurethane foam, with a removable cover in colored Lycra that generously lends itself to be – amongst other things – a seat, and to offer the proper support for indulging in relaxing and sweet thoughts. Clo, by Emanuele Magini (2023) is also available in the mini version.


Emanuele Magini

Campeggi Sas Di Marco Campeggi & C

Year of production

Giovanni Emilio Galanello

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