Church S. Pietro da Verona, Balconi di Pescantina

The church appears on the outside as a white, essential volume, completely made of white concrete, which appears towards the street with a narrow apse. The essential volumes of the parish works articulating the large churchyard, separated from the road by a large portal.
In the volume, to the south, a deep excavation articulates the entrance and the wall – compact and smooth everywhere – is broken down into “columns” of variable geometry that bring light inside. Inside, the space is tense and decidedly oriented towards the east where the apsidal termination houses the altar made with onyx blocks.
The south wall is continually “transfigured” by the passage of light, which makes it always different and immaterial, in contrast with the fixed and immutable north wall.
The light thus contributes to the continuous “creation” of the interior space, which is always different, but at the same time always the same.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
A project that reinterprets an ancient theme such as that o`f the church in a contemporary key, using sincerity, time and light as materials for “construction”.


Nexus Associati; Roberto Paoli, Gianfranco Giovanelli
Gustavo Carabajal, Sergio Ruggeri

Parish S. Pietro da Verona

Year of completion

Balconi di Pescantina (Vr), Italy

Total area
1.700 m2

Paolo Sandri

Project Partners

Main contractor
Serpelloni Spa, Mozzo Prefabbricati Srl

Other contractors
Pasinato Group Srl, Amperia Srl, Gabriele Bortoletto, Officine Ghin Srl, Genuflex Srl

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