The line between public and private has evolved, and we now look for quiet places that can also encourage interaction and social gathering. Our Cell seating system has been designed for this reason, to adapt to the ever-evolving spaces.

The Cell collection includes: Cell128 , armchair and sofa with a high and reserved backrest, acting as a cocoon with a strong identity, that allows for considerable audio and visual isolation; Cell72 , relaxing sofas and armchairs with a slender and dynamic shape, designed for waiting rooms, relaxation areas and meeting rooms; Cell75 , a range of slimmer sofas and armchairs.

All armchairs and sofas come with an optional side table which can be easily positioned near to or away from the seat. In particular, the rotating support in the Cell128 high-backed model can move the table right behind the seat, providing a table-top even for those not sitting down. All seats also come with a range of optional extras such as a Bluetooth audio player, top quality speakers to listen to music without headphones and without disturbing those around you, a pop-up USB plug, and wireless charger for smartphones, which works by simply placing your device on the table.


Dorigo Design; Fiorenzo Dorigo, Italy

Sitland, Italy

Year of production

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