Casts by Bankston Architectural + Edition Office

Casts by Bankston Architectural + Edition Office is a judicious edit of geometry and form. The curated collection of architectural hardware has a clear identity, with each piece sharing linked language and typology. The pieces tell of a journey from solid to liquid and back again, speaking to the nature of permutation itself. The uniquely sand casted collection of levers, pulls, a snib, and a hook continues an exploration of expression and form while articulating the relationship between person and place. Casts brings innovation to the architectural hardware industry; a test of ground-breaking, risk-taking craft. Seeking reduction, the pieces within the collaboration impart a collective character and identity. Casts merges art and design, with intent to honour craft, tactility, and ratio. Showcasing an unconventional use of raw Bronze and Aluminium and a unique sand casting fabrication process, the range celebrates the inherent qualities of materiality.


Edition Office

Bankston Architectural

Year of production

Annika Kafcaloudis and Steve McCawley

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