Casa CV, Sanluri

An exposed concrete box contains the living space and the large pergola, in memory of the shady areas of the local traditional Campidanese house. Outwardly the base of the building is covered with gray basalt, while inside the exposed concrete characterizes the basement rooms. The full-height openings retrace the perimeter of the house, modulating the façade into full and empty spaces. The result is a solid image, a closed figure that contains the episodes of domestic life.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
The relation between the outside and inner space.


Casciurangoarchitetti – Mario Casciu, Francesca Rango


Year of completion

Sanluri (VS), Sardinia, Italy

Total area
210 m2

Site area
631 m2

Studio Vetroblu; Stefano Ferrando

Project Partners

CISAF S.R.L., Nardi Outdoor, Marazzi, Decò – Outdoor, METRA S.p.A, Euromobil, Zalf, Antonio Lupi – ideal Standard, Porcelanosa spa

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