BOUNCE washbasin

Bounce collection is a series of washbasins made of polyurethane. Created thinking about the need to guarantee a higher level of safety and comfort in the bathroom, a room in which the risk of slip is very high, this collection combines aesthetic, safety and functionality. Its minimal shape has simple and linear lines, that makes this washbasin perfect for every bathroom and every style. Bounce is an innovative washbasin, with rounded shapes, in order to avoid the risk of domestic accidents in case of slips or falls. The bathroom, in this way, is a space in which everyone is safe, even children. To the touch, Bounce is warm and comfortable, it gives a pleasant sensation. This is possible thanks to the use of polyurethane, a soft and silky material. In addition to this, polyurethane is a material hygienic, easy to dispose or recycle, but it is also durable. In the basic version, BOUNCE is available in two colors, white and black, in order to meet the needs of the contemporary style.


Studio Monica Graffeo, Italy

Ever Life Design, Italy

Year of production
2015 with updated version in 2019 (black color)

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