Reception Camping dei Fiori Cavallino, Venice

The project of the Camping dei Fiori’ s new lobby in Cavallino (Venice), involves the construction of a new reception and the reconfiguration of the external spaces adjacent to it. The desire to preserve the existing tall trees, determines the polygonal shape of the building: a compact volume eroded by the voids of arcades and cloisters in which the space becomes a hybrid between inside and outside. In the plan, the three opaque prisms destined to service functions, kitchen, warehouse and bathroom delimit interstitial spaces intended for check-in, check-out and booking activities. The structure is made up of a double concrete envelope with the insulating system interposed and while the internal one satisfies the structural needs, the external one performs the functions of insulation and facade cladding. Construction materials such as concrete, basalt and wood are investigated and proposed through various application techniques. The external layout defines a new orography made up of alternating smooth concrete paths, shrubs and basalt flower beds.


Architectural design
Ank Architects

Design Team
Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Mauro Striuli, Simone Tonetto, Giulia Paladin

Structural Engineering
IA Ingegneria

System Engineering
Enrico Cosmo, Diego Furlan

Landscape Design
Valentina Camillo

Light Engineering
Stingers; Pellizzato Sergio

Dei Fiori Camping Village

Luca Casonato

Year of completion
2016 – 2017

Cavallino, Venice, Italy

Total area
175 m2

Project Partners

Sartorato Costruzioni, Simel, Barbazza Tecnoimpianti, Fasal Serramenti, G&G Arreda, Lemiro / Idealwork, Giardini Scarpi, ASM Solutions, AD Impianti / Axis, FAAC Group

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