Bivouac “Zoran Šimić”, Hrebljev Greb

Bivouac “Zoran Šimić” is located on the remote mountain Visočica (BiH), that just recently has become more accessible due to the development of local road infrastructure.
It is located at the edge of canyon Rakitnica that runs between mountains Visočica and Bjelašnica. At this site, striking views open over the landscape, dominantly along north-south axis. The project is conceived so to expose the visitor to these views, to make them ever present and accentuate the experience. Internal space is configured by three platforms that are simultaneously floor areas, beds or benches. Two opposing platforms cascade towards entrance space thus enabling as much as nine (9) visitors to sit facing each other. The outer form follows internal platforms arrangement so that the foot print of the object is reduced to the minimum.
The bivouac was built with very limited resources, but with enormous voluntary engagement that would be impossible in a purely commercial context. For transportation of construction material, a military helicopter unit was engaged. The architects of the Filter studio have also contributed to its actual building on the site, together with the members of the local mountaineering club Zeljeznicar, making this a genuine community-driven project.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
In the conditions of extreme economy of space, this project succeeds to produce a specific and strong experience of connecting visitor to the surrounding landscape, to the views over the mountains, which is primary quality of the very location at the edge of canyon Rakitnica. Thus, in this case architecture is an instrument to celebrate and accentuate what is already there.


FILTER Arhitektura; Kenan Vatrenjak, Nedim Mutevelić, Asmir Mutevelić, Ibrica Jašarević, Vedad Islambegović

PD ”Željezničar”

Jadran Čilić, Zlatan Kurto, Dženad Džino

Year of completion

mountain Visočica- site Hrebljev Greb, Municipality Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total area
14 m2

Project Partners

Volunteers of PD ”Željezničar”, Hasslacher Norica timber, Ramaglas d.o.o.

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