BigSEE Community

Our growth has encouraged us to form a new platform – BigSEE community of BigSEE Award winners. We are a part of a wonderful and high potential region, yet, we have a huge talent of not using this great potential.

We believe it’s about time to show the world, and even more so us, what we’re able to achieve if we unite our forces. We  believe in the vision that South East Europe can become a role model of how people together can creatively shape their future and master the challenges ahead.

We hope that with your personal support and active engagement, the BigSEE Force will become an important new stimulus to growth of the region’s creative class’ potential.

BigSEE community primary missions:
–  to identify challenges and problems in the region, find solutions for them
–  to help & support young creatives so that they could grow their potentials and equally participate at the creative transformation of the region.

How to engage?

You are invited to contribute to the community by submiting the following to
– How will Covid-19 impact your work and how should architecture respond?
Identifying an architectural problem in your town/country because of which you believe your country/ town is not competitive, and provide a solution to the problem
Select and recommend a young architecture/design talent from your country, and make it possible for them to join us the BigSEE Festivals. 

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