BigSEE Force – Lifetime benefits for the members

By winning a BigSEE Award and becoming a member of BIG SEE FORCE – BigSEE Award Winners Community you will get many benefits:

  • Free entrance tickets for all BigSEE Festivals
  • Website profile that enables social media campaigns
  • Discounts at advertising in BigSEE Report
  • Festival engagement: Discounts for Exhibiting on all BigSEE Festivals
  • Discounted price for BigSEE Report issue

Promotional Opportunities

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The BigSEE website platforms represent the most essential BigSEE idea and mission with an aim to recognises the great production and potential of an array of spheres and sectors, spanning from architecture and design to business, science, education and politics.

Website 26.000 visitors/month

Website Studio Profile – Dynamic

The awarded studios have a privilege to expose themselves by means of their thoughts, ideas and BigSEE awards advertised on our website channel. When the profile is activated, it serves for the duration of one’s career. Web Studio profile – Dynamic enables an enriched insight into creative production of awarded studio.

It renders possible website highlights by:
– extended description of the studio and its references (awards, lectures, exhibitions, publications), contact details and studio facts
– enable all kind of editorial and sponsored social media campaigns
– link with image studio on all studio’s BigSEE winning projects
– expose projects in a randomly featured Winning projects section on the front page
– presence in Community section – presenting the uniqueness of the SEE region
– possible inclusion of other contents (BigSEE talks, interviews, video clips)
– presentation of up to 10 most referential projects
 Instagram section integrated
– exposure of the profile in a randomly featured Winners profiles section on the front page
 profile update; description, contacts etc. – ongoing
 references update; awards, lectures, exhibitions, publications – once per year
 projects update; up to 10 new / best projects that represent the excellence of the studio – once per year

Sample here →

200 €/year  order here 

*Note: Web Studio profile – Dynamic is payable yearly.

Dynamic website profile with references, BigSEE winning projects, best studio’s project section,  Instagram section

Social Media Campaigns

Facebook: BigSEE – where life is creativity: 15.000 followers
Instagram: bigsee_wherelifeiscreativity: 3.000 followers

BigSEE Social media channels enable architects to be promoted through our network with more than 18.000 social-media followers on Facebook and Instagram. Our bespoke posts offer a comprehensive insight into your company by specifying your awarded project. It is a great opportunity to sponsor a post and reach your specific target group in a specific country. This option is only available in combination with profile booking.

Every post consist of one Facebook & one Instagram post.
A: 1 post on Facebook & Instagram, 150 € (reach 9.000 – 18.000)
B: 1 sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, 300 € (reach 19.800-57.000)
C: 1 sponsored post on Facebook & Instagram, 600 € (reach 36.000-102.000)

Feel free to contact us for more information about additional custom-made social promotion which is based on defined target groups, countries, reach and frequency of posts.

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BigSEE Report provides an in-depth insight into the creative excellence of the South East Europe which is based on presentations of BigSEE award-winning projects.  By means of reflections, visions and ideas the magazine aims to explores and expose the undiscovered business and creative potential of the region.

Businessmen, politicians, people working in development sector, architects, designers, marketing agencies, investors etc.

A network of consular and business representatives offices in South-East region and beyond, chambers, embassies, BigSEE events, BigSEE winners.

Language: English
Circulation: 10.000

Advertisement in BigSEE Report*

The BigSEE Report is the leading annual review of the creative strength and business potentials of Southeast Europe.
1/1 full page advertisement, 1000 €
* It also includes 2 issues of the BigSEE Report.

BigSEE Festivals Engagement

Free entrance tickets for all BigSEE festivals

As a member of BigSEE Award Winners community you get free entrance tickets for all BigSEE festivals:
– Big SEE Design Business Festival, October 11-12, 2021
– Big SEE Architecture Festival, October 14-15, 2021


Evening award ceremony


Evening award ceremony


Tradeshow Exhibition Unit

– Big SEE Design Business Festival, October 11-12, 2021
– Big SEE Architecture Festival, October 14-15, 2021

By taking advantage of using a winner’s exhibition unit, your studio/company shall get extra exposure at the BigSEE Festival. It’s a great opportunity to gain visibility among participants.

Small unit – two days, 400 €
Large unit – two days, 600 €

Innovative concept
Proactive way of communication among the exhibitors and visitors through a clear and uniform concept of the stands.

Small unit, 125 X 125 cm
3 m² (4 walls, exhibitor’s mark, desk, chairs)
4 walls – 4 posters, each 80 cm (width) x 200 cm (height). The production and installation of the posters has to be done by your side.

Large unit, 250 X 125 cm
6 m² (8 walls, exhibitor’s mark, desk, chairs)
8 walls – 8 posters, each 80 cm (width) x 200 cm (height). The production and installation of the posters has to be done by your side.


BigSEE Report purchase

1-Issue: 60 € (postage included)


For questions and remarks, please feel free to write us here.








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