Biblioteca Publica Gabriel Lopez Chiñas

RootStudio’s reconstruction of the Gabriel López Chiñas library exemplifies responsible architecture, showcasing sustainable methods, meticulous restoration, and a revival of traditional techniques. After the devastating 2017 earthquake, RootStudio embarked on a two-year endeavor to restore the original adobe walls and tropical wood roof, preserving its heritage status.

The studio integrated contemporary structures while retaining the vernacular typology, adding new spaces like an auditorium and computer room. Emphasizing sustainability, RootStudio used endemic materials, optimizing cross ventilation, and natural light. The interior features ancestral techniques like white lime paint and mud brick, complemented by locally sourced furniture. Artistic elements, such as forged metal grilles and a neon poem, enrich the space. RootStudio’s social commitment extends to library rescues, with funding from FAHHO enabling this project, exemplifying their dedication to community and culture.


RootStudio; Joao Gabriel Boto de matos Caeiro, Moises Cruz, Jerónimo Ruiz

Municipio de la heroica Ciudad de Juchitan de Zaragoza Oaxaca

Year of completion

Oaxaca, Mexico

Lizet Ortiz

Project Partners

joao Gabriel Boto de matos Caeiro, Fulvio Carpuso, Moises Cruz Jeronimo Ruiz

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