Bernard Collection

The concept behind Bernard presents a new way of looking at sitting and seating. Its comfortable upholstery seems to be floating over the delicate metal frame which gives the chair its light appearance. The particularity of this lounge chair is its L-shaped backrest however. The back and armrest have the same height, thus one can choose the direction they want to face, without having to move the furniture. The idea for the chair formed while creating the interior design of a hotel lobby. Bernard pieces can be grouped together into a framework that allows most versatile configurations even in small spaces, skilfully reacting to any architectural circumstances. The user can choose whether to expose themselves to communicative or private situations. The complete series comprises, beside the lounge chair, a daybed, two as well as three-seater sofas and side tables in various sizes. Bernard furniture collection is manufactured by LaCividina in Italy.


Nina Mair, Austria

Lacividina Srl, Italy

Year of production


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