Like an inlet on the edge of city streets, Baia is a modular system of platforms that redefines the concept of parklet. Moving away from the temporary aesthetic of the urban furniture, by focusing on the habits and needs of living in the city, Baia offers a series of functional elements to create areas with a warm and welcoming feeling where nature is integrated and inspires the design. The platform composed by a rectangular metal structure paved with concrete tiles is the foundation where to combine multi-purpose elements characterised by the juxtaposition of organic and rigorous shapes, emphasizing the properties of the building materials. Cylindrical metal columns invisibly anchored to the floor are the support base for tables with different sizes and benches in ultra high performance concrete. With a surprisingly light and harmonious appearance, they are available in straight and angular versions at various lengths and heights, with the option of heated seats.


Nichetto Studio; Luca Nichetto


Year of production

Riccardo Urnato

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