AXIS PRO measuring machine

AXIS PRO is a computer-controlled measuring machine for automatic in-production measuring of axle-type parts. The flagship product of Losonczi Innovation can check and record up to 30 different dimensions in less than 30 seconds. After measuring, it processes the gained data and if wear is detected but the dimension is still within tolerance, it sends a signal to the production machine, which then adjusts itself to the values obtained. If the measured values fall outside the specified tolerance limits, it sends a signal to the operator or robot that the workpiece shall be rejected into the scrap bin. With the design, our primary purpose was to provide good accessibility and serviceability, and the design team gave special emphasis to this requirement about both the assembly process and the maintenance of the installed machine. The electronic and pneumatic parts and the computer are installed in an easily accessible drawer at the bottom of the machine.




Remion Design; András Oravecz, Hungary

Losonczi Innovation Ltd., Hungary

Year of production

Chemistry Budapest, Remion Design


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