Asensio chair

January 15, 2021|Product design|

Asensio is a solid wood chair. Designer Thomas Feichtner likes to compare designing a chair with typography. Because, as with the design of letters, it is not a matter of reinventing the alphabet or sitting, but rather of carefully developing one’s own identity. In this sense Feichtner designed the organic solid wood chair Asensio. Well thought-out wood connections and refinement in detail give the chair independence, peace and sovereignty.

 Just as letters and lettering only come to life when they have different stroke widths, Asensio also lives from the interplay of the comparatively slender legs and the compact seat, which are connected to each other in such an integrative way as if they were blended together and merged seamlessly. The legs do not support the seat from below, as is usually the case, but rather support it from the side. Thus all solid wood elements fit into each other. Just as important as the legibility of a writing is the ergonomics of a chair: The solid wood chair Asensio is carefully balanced and, thanks to the seat recess, offers a high level of seating comfort even when sitting for long periods.


Thomas Feichtner, Austria

Grüne Erde, Austria

Year of completion

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