The chest of drawers soars on the wave of minimalism with a touch of opulence. It´s delicate and beautifully lacquered with a gently wavy texture. The top is sourced from the Carrara quarry by the stonecutter Piero Lorenzo Balderi of Pietrasanta, located on the northern coast of Tuscany, known for being a place where Michelangelo resided white waiting for his stone for the statue of David. He used to commute from Pietrasanta to the Carrara quarry, where he personally selected an extracted marble. For our chest of drawers, we´ve chosen Carrara Bianco marble with a stunning golden vein as a marvelous defect. An alternative version to the stone top could be a solid wood or metal sheet plate. The storage spaces exude the scent of Czech walnut. The dresser´s base complements our art.01 and are made up of sturdy steel legs with a natural matte finish. We always tailor the dresser according to the client´s needs, with the ability to modify dimensions and color. Production takes place in the Czech Republic, not far from Prague, in a family-owned carpentry workshop.


NOZOMI.FURNITURE; Romana Steflova, Martin Senberger

truhlarstvi MI; Ivan Machalek

Year of production

in house photographer

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