Apartment M8 by marasovic arhitekti; Slovenia

This project, realized as a fully functional apartment for a couple, is actually a sample project/showroom inside our studio. It clearly shows the way in which we think and work and is a great non-verbal communication tool between our client, collaborators, and our studio.
The apartment is situated in the old city centre of Koper, in a building that was designed by the renowned Slovenian modernist Edo Mihevc. The interior design was influenced by the legacy of the original design but adapted to a contemporary lifestyle and modern-day needs.

The kitchen and the living room were joined by the elimination of a partition wall. The presence of the bedroom and the office is undetectable due to the hidden doors in the wooden panelling. In this way, privacy is maintained even though both spaces open onto the living room. The air conditioning unit is also hidden behind the wooden panelling, as well as a storage closet.

The used materials and elements were carefully selected through several tests with carpenters and other suppliers. The flooring, bathroom walls and the kitchen countertop are made of Ceppo di Gre, ornamental stone of gray color, extracted from the village of Gre, Italy. The furniture is mostly made of brushed oak with an anthracite interior, while doors and the wardrobe are made of white MDF. The shelves, lights and the fireplace are made of black steel and give a strong contrast to the bright interior. The centre of the space is a “floating” table, featuring a support made of glass.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?

The fact that it serves different purposes without compromising its quality as a home.

About the authors

Marasovic arhitekti is an architectural practice led by Igor Marasovic and Gaja Brulc, based in Koper, Slovenia. We provide professional services in the areas of building design, renovation design and interior design. Every project is a unique and logical materialization of the characteristics of the building site, our client’s needs and our studio architectural language.

Text provided by the authors of the project.


marasovic arhitekti

Year of completion

Koper, Slovenia

Total area
65 m2

Blaž Škorjanc

Project Partners

OK Atelier s.r.o., MALANG s.r.o.

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