Apartment Bellevue

The project task was a reconstruction of the apartment in the building, located on the edge of the cliff above the sea. The spectacular view was the inspiration to the unique interior design. Located in the middle of the city with a breathtaking sea view, it provides the perfect escape from busy daily life. Respecting the Mediterranean surroundings, traditional materials were used in the design—stone and wood, with modern materials such as glass. The natural material colors were used for floors and stairs, with the light tones of the wall covering and colors. The contrast accents appear in the space, such as the black tempered glass in the jamb, which reflects the sea view, or the black staircase to the basement. Every element of the interior design does not have the intention to be in conflict or distract from the unique sea view, but exactly the opposite, to emphasize the impression. The intention was to create a unique space in harmony with the modern and the conjunction with the traditional.


TAB architecture


Year of completion

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Total area
108 m2

Koridor 27

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