Inspiration: The “Space imagination” collection was inspired by the reconstruction of the “Home of the Revolution” in Niksic, Montenegro.
Through play with shadows, reflections, shapes I tried to transfer the spirit of the buildings into a 3D wearable model.

Andjela was born in Podgorica. She graduate fashion design at University Donja Gorica. She designs unique jewelry, brooches, chokers, bracelets and bags. She has her own little studio in which she creates magic. She also had several group exhibitions in Montenegro. Now, she works as an assistant professor at Faculty for Fashion Design and Multimedia in Podgorica.

Designer and / or studio: Andjela Popović/ ANDJELA NIKOLIĆ DESIGN
Photography: Danilo Popović
Materials and techniques:
Foil for thermal insulation; zippers and sea hair
Year of production: 2018
Designer’s country of origin: MONTENEGRO
Country of brand origin: MONTENEGRO

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