Inspired by natural growth forms of plants and based on his understanding of industrial manufacturing processes, the Austrian designer Rainer Mutsch has created the unique and outstanding pendant luminaire ALGAE. Three identically shaped elements, connected with a hanging mechanism specifically designed for this purpose, come together to create a lighting unit with an organic appearance. The strength of ALGAE lies in its potential for various combinations. The technically interacting lights grow into a whole ‚organism‘.

As a result of the areas of application of pendants, e.g. hotel lobbies, stairways and foyers, and the resulting views from below, it was especially important to Mutsch to achieve a glare-free effect. For this reason he intensively collaborated with the LOUM on integrating a specially adapted lens system. At the end an efficient and, above all, glare-free light pattern had been realized by installing a special lens technology. ALGAE is available in two sizes and works both as an individual light and in clusters, and can theoretically be given endless extensions.


Rainer Mutsch, Austria

Loum, Austria

Year of production

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