Albanian Carpet, Shiroka

After the fall of the communist regime, the waterfront of Shiroka was occupied with illegal constructions. “Albanian Carpet” returns the waterfront to the citizens demolishing the illegal constructions, opening the views over the lake, and creating an alive public space with a domestic character. The project aims to rebuild the feeling of belonging and attachment to the public space, which is conceived as a large house made of different open rooms inspired by the Albanian ODA. These ‘rooms’ stimulate citizens’ interaction with different uses such as playground room, picnic room, lounge room, amphitheatre, and the fisherman’s room.
The project prioritizes pedestrian and bicycle circulation using shared pavement when car traffic is needed. Thanks to the creation of a space without physical obstacles, all kinds of recreational activities are taking place during the whole year. Open-air cinema, concerts, children’s activities and even political meetings take place in Shiroka square.


Casanova + Hernandez Architects

Albanian Development Fund / Fondi Shqiptar i Zhvillimit

Year of completion

Shiroka, Albania

Casanova Hernandez / E Zhabjaku / O Kapidani

Project Partners

Sphaera SH.P.K. (engineering)

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