A House in the sea, via Aurelia, Bergeggi

The project consists in the restoration of the building called “Il Faro” located between the Via Aurelia and the beach in the Municipality of Bergeggi in the Province of Savona for mixed use. The object of the intervention consists of a main prismatic body and a secondary volume adhering
to the south-east elevation, reduced to a state of ruin, already gutted internally and without roofs. The architectural solution adopted proposes the rigorous respect of the existing form and aims to maintain the sculptural dimension of the structure and the layout of the existing windows.
On the secondary volume, heavily modified over time, the project proposes light misalignments and a deep slit on the sea side is made on the connecting line between the main body and the smaller one, to create some loggias. The entire structure is covered in every part visible in natural stone blocks of various sizes, including the covering layers, loggias and some internal ambients. The proposed architectural solution seeks a formal and chromatic relationship with the coastal landscape to configure a new, light,contemporary identity dimension.
The proposed architectural solution seeks a formal and chromatic relationship with the landscape to configure a new identity image consisting of a monolith generated directly from the sand and rocks on which it is supported.


project: Studio Marco Ciarlo Associati; Marco Ciarlo, Fabrizio Melano, Giampiero Negro, Studio Daniele; Carlo Daniele, Lorenzo Daniele
supervision of works: Carlo Daniele
art direction: Marco Ciarlo
collaborators: Angela Magnano, Ramona Blengio, Giorgia Rinaudo, Giovanni Ciarlo, Simona De Miglio, Michele Ciarlo, Andrea Rossi

Year of completion
2018 – 2019

via Aurelia, Bergeggi, Italy

Total area
560 mq total area
120 mq headquarters of the Bergeggi Island Park
440 mq residence

Aldo Amoretti

Project Partners

structures: Studio Lerda; Giovanni Lerda, Guido Lerda
systems: Termica Progetti, Ravera e Lanza Associati
ventilated walls: Dallera Tecnologie
executing company: Porta Rossa Spa

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