The One Croatian Story, Rovinj

Collaboration is a shared journey with its own flow and events, and this journey is reflected in the design of the exhibition “A Croatian Story”, inaugurated in the Adris Gallery on the occasion of the twelfth Weekend Media Festival. This journey, which represents the works as checkpoints of the creative collaboration between Adris Grupa and Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, is displayed as a series of cut circles that are expanding and shrinking, allowing the visitor to navigate through the works and stop in each circle to contemplate the meaning behind each exhibit. According to the curator’s vision, the main topics that influenced the creation of each circle are materiality, visuality, interactivity, visual identities, exhibitions, and spatial interventions. The rhythm and movement through this shared journey of cut circles lead the visitor from the main entrance on the ground floor through the gallery floor, to eventually find themselves on the steps that lead to the outside area, to the porch where posters are displayed, linked to exhibitions and spatial interventions. The movement through the exhibition thus becomes a movement through inner and outer spaces of the Adris Gallery, and the shared journey reverts to its beginning, perhaps a new beginning full of impressions.



Adris Grupa & Bruketa&Žinić&Grey

Year of completion

Gallery Adris, Rovinj, Croatia

Total area
150 m2

Ognjen Maravić, Marko Dimić/Pixell

Project Partners

Basileus d.o.o.

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