ZMC – Library and Red Cross centre

On a steep slope, our energy-passive building seamlessly integrates into the urban environment. Situated alongside the fire station, hall, and school, it serves as the heart of the community. The two-story cube houses the Red Cross space, which is open and connected to external users, providing essential social services. Conversely, the library within the cube offers an introverted space for peace and research.

The formal interior is tailored to accommodate vulnerable groups while remaining adaptable to diverse needs. The building’s orientation is optimized for natural light, fostering a pleasant atmosphere that encourages connection with the environment. Overall, this multi-functional building reflects a blend of innovation, energy efficiency, and adaptability, making it a vital and integral part of the community.


Gradečki projekt d.o.o.; Robert Gradečki, Marin Benčić

Hrvatski crveni križ

Year of completion

Sveti Ivan Zelina, Croatia

Total area
1.000 m2

Site area
3.000 m2

Gradečki projekt d.o.o.

Project Partners

Černelić d.o.o. – interior solutions, Eco Projekt d.o.o.

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