52 cubic wood – produces carbohydrate (glucose) from carbon dioxide CO2 (which equates to 260.000km by car) with the help of the sun. Additionally oxygen is released in the form of breathable air for 100 years per person. This happens interference-free without waste and emissions, it‘s quiet and fully automatic. This is the beauty of the factory called „The forest“.

52 cubic wood – to form and to construct a room with the quality of „Give room – Leave space“. With the basic understanding that „ the material is innocent, but never is the architect“. This responsibility was taken on by JOSEP in cooperation with Atelier Gerhard Haumer. A star shaped ground plot with a clear sight-axis underlines the project.




52 cubic wood – processed by carpenters and joiners who made sketches and thoughts a reality. In order to achieve architectural quality in the project, a lot of craftsmanship and thinking outside the norm was required.

52 cubic wood – create a 125m² office on two levels for a client [nursery garden] who plants, cuts, and fosters, so we can rejoice on nature and grow back 52m³ wood.

52 cubic wood – covered half with a mirrored facade. This sensual, atmospheric perception makes explanation unnecessary. Although it is obvious to create a context between space and nature.

52 cubic wood – that needs our perception, decision, utilisation, action and culture
52 cubic wood – as architecture








Authors: Atelier Haumer + JOSEP
Photos: Bernhard Fiedler, JOSEP

Location: Mödling, Austria
Year of completion: 2016
Total area: 186m²
Site area: 2442m²

Text provided by the architects.