VAL DESK ORGANIZER is developed from desire to reduce a number of stuff in different holders and pots, so that we could get together everything that we need for work in one place and at the same time to gain a certain visual effect on the work desk.

That’s how an idea of the corrugated solid metal base was born, which is holding different kind of elongated objects such as pencils, brushes, rulers, scissors and similar accessories and tools.  As it was not quite enough to encircle a whole story with S.O.S. things that are necessary for work, idea of floating elements on the top of the waved base risen, which could cover a different set of needs depending on the users. Ideal for this was cork, renewable natural material made from the bark of the cork oak. As being lightweight, it is an opposite of the heavier metal base, but both are serving for organizing your workspace, and an ideal holder for smaller things such as paperclips, pushpins, keys, smartphone, coffee/tea cup, and why not even a favorite green friend. Floating elements are free to be combined and set up, as you would prefer at the moment. Each vessel received a name, depending on the purpose. So, we have barka, surfer, rabelo, canoe, and some more to be built. They all floats on the waves and carry your favorite things to a creative journey.


About the authors:

Abovus architects based in Belgrade is working on interior and smaller building designs.

Founders Maja and Ivan Stefanovic have a rich experience in designing a vaste range of building types and complexity, and also in larger scale project coordination. However, in searching for new challenges they let themselves in adventure of the product design. The whole process started as one path of exploring different material combination and their application in interior. In the meantime they are discovering cork, renewable natural material with a huge potential, but that is on Balkans and Eastern Europe mostly recognized only in the wine and construction industry. As they wanted to answer on a self imposed challenge, they’ve created few products with different purpose, mostly combining materials of which one is cork.

Their wish is not to stop playing. They find joy in exploring the processes of creating, prototyping and product placement. They are truly inspired to discover the unexpected in expected.



Designer: Abovus architects
Producer: Abovus architects
Country: Serbia
Year of production: 2019

Text provided by the authors of the project.

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