Zum Riesen Historic Refugium, Tarsch

The story begun a long time ago: the first landlady dates back to the 14th century. Amazing: throughout the centuries it was mainly women running the house, passing the management from woman to woman. And it’s still the same today. After its renewal it is difficult to assess the original structure of the building with precision, too many restorations have taken place. There is evidence of the most different eras, from the baroque to the historicism, which elements are prevailing these days. The baroque phase is mainly represented in the centre room while the historicism in the surrounding rooms. You will immediately notice that as soon as some money was available, it was put into the furnishing of the rooms. During our restoration process we came across an array of marvellous surprises. We can almost describe the style of the house as rustic-art nouveau.


Dell’Agnolo Kelderer Architekturbüro; Sylvia dell’Agnolo


Year of completion

Tarsch, Southtyrol, Italy

Franziska Unterholzner, Damian Pertoll

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