CLiCQUES [kliks] is a young brand with a simple concept following four principles: design, handmade quality, sustainability and originality. With CLiCQUES we tended to offer a beautifully designed and interesting toy to satisfy a conscious parent. We set out to design a product, which would be good in many ways: beautiful, high-quality, educational but also a sustainable, long-lasting toy as well as playful decoration. These aspirations lead us to creating lovely and fun wooden peg dolls in a minimalist design and with an unique feature: CLiCQUES are three-part figurines held together with little magnets, which is the educational as well as the fun part of the toy! Learning colours, improving fine motor skills, mixing different colour combinations – all that with one friendly looking figurine, which clicks every time you play with it! We are a team of friends and are very proud that CLiCQUES are made from scratch and with a lot of love in Slovenia.


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