XO Atelier, an award-winning boutique interiors firm celebrated for its sleek and minimalist aesthetic, embarked on a distinctive venture with the design of Y12 hairdressing salon in Dubai. The project, a departure from the studio’s subtle norms, was an exciting challenge that demanded a fresh creative direction, aligning with the client’s vision for a vibrant atmosphere with strong color accents and an 80s vibe.

Creative Director Vera Dieckmann recalls the owner’s aspiration for Y12 to be unlike any other salon in the city. This sparked a unique approach, necessitating extensive material research and collaboration with the in-house creative team. Drawing inspiration from nature, rippling waterscapes influenced the striking entrance, featuring acidified multicolored metal reminiscent of oil in water—an exclusive creation for the project. A bold interruption to the stark surface design is the imposing bar counter and color lab designed to entertain clients. The giant shelving system, spanning the full 8-meter height of the building, showcases products and echoes an eighties grid pattern. The tiled counter, replicated in individual seating areas, features blue grouting to emphasize the accent color. Overhead, a wild configuration of linear LED tubes dances above the bar counter and repeats at the entrance corridor. Geometric layout and strategic space planning are evident in the salon’s design. Work areas are divided into male and female sections, with an elliptical hair wash area at the center. Each hair station boasts a 3-meter high mirror design, with a square LED beam creating a crown over each chair. The defining feature is the private rooms, clad entirely in emerald and deep blue marble ceramic tiles. Circular back-lit mirrors create an infinity view, offering clients a sense of safety and cocooning.


XO Atelier


Year of completion

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alex Jeffries

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