xelectrix Power Box – XPB PRO RANGE

After years of intensive research in battery and power control, the xelectrix Power Box PRO range was developed. Our modular and multi-functional system offers a unique inverter concept with the “Parallel Platform Technology”. The design of the unit incorporates functionality with ease of use, based on applications that range from off-grid tough construction environments to indoor commercial and industrial projects. Ergonomically designed to facilitate Plug & Play installation, the units combine multiple application possibilities as an AC coupled, 3-phase, 400 Volt, high voltage solution. Maximum flexibility through modular expansion of battery capacity utilizing slide-in and out battery modules matching individual customer requirements. Flowing inter-component overlapping while providing robustness and strength but retaining a classical look that revolutionizes battery energy storage systems. A design that minimizes components and contains power electronics, storage and computation in a single unit that is ready for use at delivery.

2400 x 1200 x 2400 mm (L x W x H)
1000 – 3300 kg (depending on battery capacity)


RDD Design Network

xelectrix Power GmbH

Year of production

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