Winery Tola

Cantina Tola, set in Sicily, epitomizes the fusion of traditional winemaking with modern innovation. This family-operated winery honors Sicily’s rich viticultural heritage while embracing contemporary design, reinterpreting the classic Sicilian “baglio” with a modern twist. Utilizing a blend of traditional stone and modern materials like glass and steel, its architecture symbolizes the winery’s forward-thinking ethos and commitment to sustainability. Central to its design is a reinterpretation of the baglio’s courtyard, offering a communal space that bridges tradition and modernity, enhancing visitors’ experiences with natural light and scenic vineyard views. The winery’s commitment to producing high-quality wines is evident in its meticulous vineyard management and the integration of innovative techniques in the cellar, showcasing a diverse portfolio of wines that express Sicily’s unique terroir. Cantina Tola stands as a beacon of contemporary Sicilian elegance and environmental stewardship, inviting enthusiasts to explore its wines and architecture—a testament to the harmonious blend of Sicily’s past and present.


A176lab; Gaspare Lipari

Year of completion

Partinico, Italy

Total area
7.400 m2

Site area
2.400 m2

Nanni Culotta

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