When designing the wine cabinets, it was important to us to create timeless yet modern classics, in keeping with the motto „elegance meets good taste“. Aesthetically, both integrate perfectly into the living space. Be it built-in in the wardrobe space or free-standing as an it-piece in the living room. When closed, they appear almost invisible; when opened, they reveal their inner values of first-class quality, the finest workmanship, and detailed planning. This offers the customer many opportunities to present the wine cabinet to his guests. When opened, the transformation from a simple piece of furniture into a sophisticated wine bar is almost like a little show. This appearance creates excitement and atmospheric moments and gives every room a unique character. A mix of high-quality materials and elegant color design ensures a special look. There are no limits to design. Each wine cabinet is designed and planned individually for each customer, in a high-quality finish.


G22 Projects GmbH

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Filz Alex

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