Viitastenperä Lean – to, Tampere

The shelter is located on the shore of Lake Hervantajärvi and is part of a new 10-kilometer hiking trail. There is a 2 km hike from the nearest tram stop. The lean-to can be used freely and free of charge in accordance with “every man’s rights” for a few nights at a time. It also provides a beautiful and peaceful place for having a break, preparing a meal, or just enjoying the surrounding nature. The lean-to is designed for an overnight stay for 5 people and there is also a woodshed and a dry toilet nearby. The architecture reflects the “genius loci” where the shelter disappears into the surrounding terrain and carries references to a traditional turf hut. The vaulted structure consists of 2 x 4-inch wooden planks. The building materials were transported to the site by a boat and built with hand tools and electricity.

What makes this project one-of-a-kind?
This project is special because of the unique shape of the lean-to, the unique way of using wood in architecture, and the way the building is fit into the surroundings.


Tilasto Architects; Malin Moisio

Ekokumppanit Oy, City Of Tampere

Year of completion

Tampere, Finland

Total area
9 m2

Site area
1,3 m2

Malin Moisio, Susanna Mikander, Petri Mäkelä

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