Urban Cafe Deli, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Urban Café is the signature dining outlet at the new Bosmal Arjaan serviced apartments. Throughout the day the café has different requirements, and KST Interiors needed to be able to cater for all needs. An informal buffet breakfast, coffee shop and snacks during the day, corporate lunches and finally, a formal evening dining space and bar. Set in the existing atrium of the building, KST Interiors were unable to touch the ceiling or exposed pipes and cable structure. Instead of being a hinderance, these items were used as the design springboard, and set the tone for the industrial feel which was modern but softened with blues and aqua tones. Creating two zones, formal and casual dining, the outlet can be divided for optimal use throughout the day. Furniture is designed to reflect the different feel for each area, but still work together coherently for busier times, such as breakfast, to create a unified restaurant.


KST Interiors

Al Thani and Rotana

Year of completion

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total area
350 m2

Via Media agency

Project Partners

Erco, SNS Europe, Adasan, Fiandre and Starwood Porcelanosa and supplied by Bagno – Keramika i sanitarije, Kutcha, Sarajevo,  Rikardo Druskic Art

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