Tipit is the world’s first dedicated card reader for contactless gratification of service staff. It is a tip leaving device which can be used in cafes, restaurants and elsewhere. Tipit can be used to pay a desired amount to service staff either by bank card or a smart device. Cash is generally being used less and less in favour of the convenience, simplicity, hygiene, easier record – keeping provided by bank cards. This makes leaving gratituties more difficult. Tipit is innovative and first – of – its kind. It represents a new design, with a previously – unseen, straightforward usage scenario for making payments. Leaving tips with it is similar to the way volume and other parameters are controlled in audio equipment. The rotation of the tipping wheel ecorages user to explore – to dial up or peharps go back and balance the preffered amount. Tipit is the new way to say “Thank you for your service” with convenience and playfulness as a radically new way of leaving a tip.


DESDORP Industrial Product Design Studio; Denis Orlenok, Deividas Juozulynas, Lithuania

Jt finance, Tautvydas Grinius, Juozas Piekuras, Lithuania

Year of production

Adas / Oh my Adas

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