TIBA Architects Studio’s Office, Budapest

TIBA Studio has undergone significant changes in recent years, leading to the need for a new office. We needed a space that supports our own rethought, more efficient operation, and represents the values and quality that are also important in our design work. Our office project is an integrated tender where the customer, the designer, and the construction management team were the same: ourselves. By leveraging the synergies from the different strengths of our employees, space has been created to which our attachment is extremely strong and supports our expanded, changed, and improved operations. Our portfolio also includes heritage renovations, where old buildings and spaces are carefully refurbished and organically developed. This also happened during the implementation of our own new office. The selection of the site and the building, every detail of the design and construction is due to the definition of our values and needs. The main focus was on the location, the people in the office, responsible resourcing, and sustainable operation.


TIBA Architects Studio; Viktória Honti, Zoltán Király

Diána Csépányi, Dávid Szmetana, Zoltán Virágh

Project Manager
TIBA Architects Studio; Eszter Schmolczer

TIBA Architects Studio

Year of completion

Budapest, Hungary

Total area
300 m2

Zsolt Batár

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