The WU Sideboard

The Wu Sideboard is a totally solid wood piece, latest piece of the Wu Collection, that represent an inspirational dialogue between the art of craftmanship and the contemporary way to push technology into the industrial production.

Main feature: the way how strength of wood meets a smooth and clean design where “plastic shapes” surprisingly happen. Especially for a solid wood furniture. Wooden joints are carefully engineered to make it absolutely unique and clearly recognizable. They are reinforced just in the right places, keeping the sideboard as light as possible, but still stable and functional. The technological process: a combination of 5-axis CNC technology, as well as meticulous handfinishing of experienced craftsmen. It is available in 6 different types of wood (oak, walnut, maple, elm, cherry and pear), with various natural finishes.


studioPANG; Fabio Damiani, Marco Quistini, Italy

Artisan d.o.o, Bosnia Herzegovina

Year of production

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