The R – Series

The PROFECTRONICS rack design family is characterized by upward and downward compatibility within the product family. In addition to the centered 19″ rack system, the Rack R90 and Rack R180 also have one or two easily accessible installation spaces on each side. These provide space for electrical switchgear assemblies, IT systems or similar. Due to the design separation of the 19″ core and the installation spaces, highly sensitive measuring devices can be combined with conventional electrical devices – all this in a single system. Not only the materials used in this series but also the design, based on standards and norms, make this system a sustainable option. In the end of a product cycle or measurement task, test systems are usually disposed of in their entirety. With the product family, the housing can be reused to assemble a system for new product linesor applications, only individual instrument are replaced, thus saving resources and raw materials. Engineered in Austria. Produced in Europe.


RDD Design; Rainer Atzlinger

Profectronics GmbH

Year of production

Florian Voggeneder

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