The Perry Road

Along the 200-kilometre-long Perry Road (“Moststrasse”) people have devoted themselves to pure pear „Most“, also known as pear cider or Perry. This is unique in Europe, as all other cider regions are dominated by apples. Favored by the mild climate south of the Danube, more than 300 different pear varieties ripen on several hundred thousand trees. The Perry Road winds leisurely through the Mostviertel hills past picturesque villages and magnificent square farmhouses (“VierkantBauernhöfe“). Rustic Perry taverns (“Mostheurige“) invite you to stop for a traditional bite, like a Mostbratl or Mostpudding, or a glass of pear Most or juice. The Perry Road’s numerous museums and cider barons (“Mostbarone“), the experts in pear cider culture, offer insights into the special features of the pear. The Perry Road is also a place for festivals, especially in spring: Every year around the end of April, thousands of pear trees blossom, transforming the landscape into a magical sea of blossoms.


Authors of the creative story

Mostviertel Tourismus GmbH: Mag. Andreas Purt, Gudrun Vösenhuber in cooperation with: Moststrasse Region and some mayors of Moststrasse municipalities


Mostviertel region, Austria


Mostviertel Tourismus /, Mostviertel Tourismus /

Project partners

Moststrasse Region and mayors of Moststrasse municipalities

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