The Emperor’s New Clothes

Dig into the past -Recall of the memory we bought this exciting industrial building 15 years ago, in abandoned condition- like a ruin, the renovation took approximately 2 years to make it nice and ( a lot of money has been )during years we live here we use it not only for living, but also as a display to make design experiments in real for our own risk.

The latest change in this year was my idea to take away all the paint and design we put on in the last decade, to make it naked, make it ruined again ( a lot of money has been again ) to get back to the source as it was 15 years ago like an archeological action. The result is a new beginning, the “Emperor’s New Clothes “ – to see him ( it ) naked, in the company of art works and delicate selection of furniture and some design piece of us, to create a totally new atmosphere .


Attila F. Kovacs; AFK-ARCH

Attila F. Kovacs; AFK-ARCH

Year of completion

Budapest, Hungary

Total area
350 m2

Csaba Barbay

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