We originally made this design in 2017 for a fancy restaurant in Bulgaria. We had to face a basic interior design issue – limited space usage. After coming up with several concepts for their lighting which had to be bright and inviting, we decided we can use both the walls and floor. The “Big Ferm” lamp uses very little space and serves both as a primary light source and wall decor.



The structure of the lamp was inspired by our biggest passion – geometry. Starting with a triangular construction we made a lightweight, strong and compelling form. Simple and still very elegant. It is a thing of beauty in the eyes of industrial design lovers, showing-off the bolts, joints and elements as they are. The “Big Ferm” has so far completed the look and feel of many offices, homes and restaurants for clients over the globe.





Design: Paladim, Bulgaria
Producer: Paladim
Country of producer: Bulgaria
Year of production: 2017