Teleperformance Office, Balıkesir

Teleperformance with its more than 380000 employees in 170 countries, is an international organization that has been providing back-office services such as solution design, business optimization strategies, front office customer support, finance, accounting, collection, and technical support for 40 years. The company’s goal is to provide world-class digital integrated business services. While starting the design, the dynamic and innovative structure of the company guided us. We have adopted an innovative and dynamic style that increases creativity. While creating a spacious welcoming area and a comfortable waiting area, we wrote sentences that increase motivation on the walls. We offered solutions to the changing working habits after the pandemic with a colourful, dynamic and changeable office approach. Since we set out with the motto of dynamism, social areas formed the striking points of our design. In the,s context, the hybrid working module, which activates the user experience between the ages of 22-35, was implemented. While creating an environment that encourages the people to work together with creative open offices, pleasant meeting areas were created in the form of amphitheatre and sofa seating, the number of people changing according to meets. Thus, every space has become both a working and social space. We used colours suitable for corporate identity to define areas with different functions. We ensured that the place was illuminated with coloured strips and squared led lighting. we have realized a design that is integrated with the vision of the company with its sincere, outward-looking dynamic workspaces.


Altıpatlar Architects

Teleperformance Turkey

Year of completion

Balıkesir, Turkey

Total area
7.500 m2

Emir Uzun

Project Partners

Gerfloor, Doğuş Electirc&Electronic

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